“I was Hornswoggled!” : Waking up from a Narcissist Induced Nightmare!

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Ha’Rainna found out she had been living a lie for almost 40 years…She found out that the majority of the turbulence she experienced with family, friends, and romantic interests through the years had one common denominator. Her mother. She would have never found this out had she not invited her estranged sister on her weekly grocery getting trip with their mom . That is when her sister saw that she too had been living a lie and busted their mom out the minute they pulled into the parking lot. It was at that moment that the two sisters who had been triangulated to hate each other by their mom realized none of it was true and they had a lot of healing and note comparing to do.

You are welcome to Join Ha’Rainna on each episode entry as she shares where she’s at , where she’s been and what she’s learned so far since awakening from her narcissist induced nightmare!

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